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PlayPaw PureFlow™ (Filter Included)

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PlayPaw PureFlow™ (Filter Included)

Promote Better Kitty Health and Elminate Vomiting in as little as 14 Days! 

As Seen In:

are you getting frustrated with your dog getting tangled and unclipping their belt?

are you tired of your dog chewing their safety harness?

is your dog frightened of the car journey due to restrictive equipment?

23,000+ Happy Customers

We are dedicated to creating great products that improve the health and comfort of your cats.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Hassle-free refunds within 30 days of purchase. Just ship it back to our UK warehouse.

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Recommended by Cat Experts

Yep. Veterinarians love recommending our fountains! 

Cats love drinking from our fountain
It's better for their health too!

Do away with restrictive belts and get something to last a lifetime!

Your kitties nose is dry, but they refuse to drink from a bowl and insist you turn on the tap!

Without adequate fluids your kittie's health is concerning;
Poor water intake can lead to organ dysfunction, poor temperature regulation, cardiac arrhythmias and neurologic dysfunction.

Cats are prone to a low thirst drive as their instinct is to derive adequate water from eating live prey. They're also picky when it comes to water condition.

The PlayPaw Pureflow™ provides the water your cat craves, clean and flowing which encourages your kittie to drink more giving them a happier and healthier life!

A "must-have" for healthier cats and tap drinkers! 

 6 reasons why veterinarians
love our fountains!

Reduces long term health problems by providing clean, fresh and filtered water regularly!

Works quietly for nervous kitties. No need to worry about kitty being scared of the fountain.

Requires less refilling with a large 2L capacity storage tank. Frees up more time for yourself!

Easy to clean as every component lifts straight out and can be washed with soap or in the dishwasher.

Low power consumption means with continuous use will save you money on your power bill.

Promotes a happier and healthy cat. Notice how much more energy and affection your cat has when they feel good!

PS. They're also super cute and easy to use!

How does The Pureflow Compare?

Cat Owners Are Obsessed
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Check out our FAQ or email our support team at!

Shipping Information:

UK Standard: 4-10 days
EU Standard: 5-14 days
Rest of the world: 6-16 days
Free Shipping For UK Customers

Customers *Due to the high demand, please have patience as we ship it out as fast as possible.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Julie Yilmaz

Really pleased with my purchase. The car safety belt fits easily round the headrest and I'm sure my dog finds it more comfortable. Great buy and would definitely recommend.

Excellent service

Received my dog seat belts very quickly and they are the best purchase ever. Customer service excellent.

Sarah Iggulden
Adjustable Car Safety Belt

Ian very pleased with this and glad that my dog is now safe in the car

Caroline Howes
Car safety belt

Brilliant she used to get tangled on the ones that clip on seat belt

Jan Huxley
Dog seat belt

These are very good and easy to use. I would recommend as safety is essential in a car.

Christine Ireson
Excellent service

Thank you so much for the way my order was dealt with.
Regular contact as to how far along the line my package was.
Product was as described.
Would definitely use this site again.

Safety Belt

My order arrived the day after ordering, great communication from playpaw.
Your advert showing what happens when dog is not restrained hit home, so Thankyou playpaw, the safety belt is great just attach to the harness not a collar , happy mummy and fur baby now 🐩🐾xx

Anna Wielguszewska
Another purchase

That was my second purchase of car safety belt from PlayPaw. I think they are great. Can reccommend to anyone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
David Watkins
Brilliant product

We needed a replacement for our old fountain as it was worn out.
This is abosolutley brilliant and I love the blue/red light to warn you when it needs topping up. Very easy to clean and the cats love it. I love the water filter. We live in a hard water area so it's ideal.
I will be placing an order for the sensor add on. Heres my Dave and his brother Edmond with their new fountain.

Juli brooks
Water fountain

Luna is overjoyed with her new water fountain…. Keeps her amused for hours as she loves playing with the taps at the kitchen sink…… and is also a good source of fresh water… I’m very satisfied


Thank you thank you as I've been looking for something like this for ages. One of my Bengal's will only drink out of the sink tap, but now she uses the fountain yippee. So easy to use and clean and well made.

Karen Bradley-Jones
Water fountain

Brilliant Gladys loves it

Karen Bradley-Jones
Water fountain

Brilliant Gladys loves it

Simply the BEST

I can honestly say this is the best cat product I have bought. One of my cats is constantly drinking and playing in the stream and woe betide if I turn it off as he makes sure I hear about it. 100% recommend.

Charlotte Byrne

In all the years I’ve been ordering items, I’ve never written a review. Why? I never had a life changing product to rave about. Now I doA.I have a 11 year old tuxedo cat who may be one of the PICKIEST felines you’ve ever encountered. As I’m sure many folks are aware, cats require a ton of water to prevent health issues. When I adopted Teresa, she was on an all dry food diet and would only drink out of the sink and/or bath tub. Naturally, you can’t just keep a sink running unattended so I searched far and wide for a fountain that she would drink out of.Over the past eight years, I’ve tried half a dozen fountains with no luck. Either she’d use it for a day and lose interest— returning to meowing in the tub or on the sink— or completely ignore the fountain all together.I came across this fountain in March after a routine wellness exam. The vet stressed the importance of Teresa drinking more water as she has kidney disease. I immediately hopped online to see what was on the market and thought I’d give this fountain a shot. My hope was the design would create the same affect as the sink. I swapped out her previous fountain (one of those flower ones) and crossed my fingers.After 3 months with this fountain, I just knew I had to write a review. It took a day or two for her to get comfortable with the new fountain, but she hasn’t jumped in the tub or on the sink ONCE since I bought this for her. She is drinking far more water than ever before!!The moral of the story, if you have a cat who is an avid sink drinker, BUY THIS FOUNTAIN. It truly is a lifesaver..

Astrid James

I got this cause my cat was I say WAS a sink drinker, I got this to break him sitting at the sink for water, once I set it up he came around it though was very hesitant to try to drink from it, on the 3rd day I sat by it & when he came to me I wet my finger and tapped his mouth, then put my finger in the water as he watched me, after about 15 minutes he tried it on his own, within a week he no longer goes to the sink. Worked out well I'm very pleased with the product & have had it now over 6 months no issues with it. I find it very easy to clean & put together, I recommend this to my friends for there cats.

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