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PlayPaw Waterproof Cat Litter Mat™

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PlayPaw Waterproof Cat Litter Mat™

Promote Better Kitty Health and Elminate Vomiting in as little as 14 Days! 

are you getting frustrated with your dog getting tangled and unclipping their belt?

are you tired of your dog chewing their safety harness?

is your dog frightened of the car journey due to restrictive equipment?

23,000+ Happy Customers

We are dedicated to creating great products that improve the health and comfort of your cats.

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Hassle-free refunds within 30 days of purchase. Just ship it back to our UK warehouse.

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Recommended by Cat Experts

Yep. Veterinarians love recommending our products! 

Live in a clean and smell-free home
while kitty does their business!

Do away with restrictive belts and get something to last a lifetime!

In addition to being loving, cuddly, and adorable, cats also have a variety of unique characteristics!

They do have one unattractive quality, however.

No one can deny the fact that cat feces smell bad.

That's right, we're talking about how much their poop stinks! To the point that many cat owners have tried everything, they can think of to keep it at bay.

PlayPaw's Litter Mat™ catches escaping cat litter so you can rid your house of the odours and stains caused during poop time!

A "must-have" for messy cats and litter diggers! 

 6 reasons why cat owners
love our litter mats!

Soft on paws and BPA friendly with rubber and soft plastics which are gentle on your kitty!

Keeps your home clean and tidy of litter from those messy kitties or litter diggers!

Promotes a fresh smelling house by preventing odours from seeping into carpets and floors.

Mats remain in position due to the anti-slip backing so they will stay positioned in front of your litter tray.

No spills or unwanted liquids seeping through as our mat is completely waterproof.

Easy to empty and clean, and by recycling the litter you save time and money!

PS. They're also super strong and easy to use!

Cat Owners Are Obsessed
On Social Media!

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Check out our FAQ or email our support team at!

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UK Standard: 4-10 days
EU Standard: 5-14 days
Rest of the world: 6-16 days
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Customers *Due to the high demand, please have patience as we ship it out as fast as possible.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Julie Yilmaz

Really pleased with my purchase. The car safety belt fits easily round the headrest and I'm sure my dog finds it more comfortable. Great buy and would definitely recommend.

Excellent service

Received my dog seat belts very quickly and they are the best purchase ever. Customer service excellent.

Sarah Iggulden
Adjustable Car Safety Belt

Ian very pleased with this and glad that my dog is now safe in the car

Caroline Howes
Car safety belt

Brilliant she used to get tangled on the ones that clip on seat belt

Jan Huxley
Dog seat belt

These are very good and easy to use. I would recommend as safety is essential in a car.

Christine Ireson
Excellent service

Thank you so much for the way my order was dealt with.
Regular contact as to how far along the line my package was.
Product was as described.
Would definitely use this site again.

Safety Belt

My order arrived the day after ordering, great communication from playpaw.
Your advert showing what happens when dog is not restrained hit home, so Thankyou playpaw, the safety belt is great just attach to the harness not a collar , happy mummy and fur baby now 🐩🐾xx

Anna Wielguszewska
Another purchase

That was my second purchase of car safety belt from PlayPaw. I think they are great. Can reccommend to anyone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Melba Stumbo

Excellent litter mat and plenty big enough even for my very large cat.

Libbie Bills

Our cat was making quite a mess of his litter box areas and tracking litter all over. Sweeping the areas multiple times a day was becoming tedious and we had to find a better way.

Cordie Witkowski

I don't have a lot of space, so naturally my cat's litter box would be in a high traffic area. I've tried to minimize scatter of his litter using other kinds of silicone mats with the little spikes in them, but none of them really worked, and a hassle to clean.

Chad Bergren

This has got to be the best cat litter mat in the universe!!!!

Toshiko Deveau

Litter mats that I've tried in the past came with a few downfalls: 1) my cat didnt like stepping on them and would intead launch himelf out of the box (along with his litter) to avoid it, and 2) they were terrible to clean if the cat overshot the box or puked on it.

Bridgett Arruda

I really love these mats. They really help contain the litter mess. I’ve recommended them to everyone I know who has a cat and everyone who got them loves them. They are easy to clean. Everyone with cats and carpet knows cats prefer to vomit on carpet. They will move away from easy to clean surfaces. My experience with this matt is on two occasions my cats chose to vomit on the matt instead of the carpet. The matt is much easier to clean than carpet, so I think this is great.

Soon Hodge

I have 3 cats who track cat litter everywhere. I had the little rubber mats in front of each litter box and I vacume and sweep a half a dozen times a day. Cat litter crunching under my feet as I walk through my house - YUCK. This mat has really made a big difference. It catches about 80% of what they were dragging around - so not perfect but big big improvement. I have ordered a second one to get better coverage as I have 2 litter boxes. Durable - easy to clean.

Terrance Brainerd

We have three cats and a hard floor, so my wife used to complain about the amount of litter that got tracked into the living room. This mat has eliminated 95% of that problem.

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