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PlayPaw Pet Hair Removal Massage Comb™

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PlayPaw Pet Hair Removal Massage Comb™

Promote Better Kitty Health and Elminate Vomiting in as little as 14 Days! 

As Seen In:

are you getting frustrated with your dog getting tangled and unclipping their belt?

are you tired of your dog chewing their safety harness?

is your dog frightened of the car journey due to restrictive equipment?

23,000+ Happy Customers

We are dedicated to creating great products that improve the health and comfort of your cats.

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Hassle-free refunds within 30 days of purchase. Just ship it back to our UK warehouse.

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Recommended by Cat Experts

Yep. Veterinarians love recommending our Massage Comb! 

Removing cat hair doesn't have to be a struggle
when kitty is enjoying a massage!

Do away with restrictive belts and get something to last a lifetime!

Find grooming your kitty challenging?

Does the thought of trying to comb your furry pets’ hair one you would like to avoid?

Give your cat a spa-like experience with the PlayPaw 2 in 1 Groom and Massage Comb™.

It provides a pain-free way to offer a professional grooming job with added extra purrrrrs!

A "must-have" for shedding cats and grumpy kitties!

 6 reasons why cat owners
love the massage comb!

Provides a gentle massage with soft bendable bristles that don't pull on hair and feel gentle on the body.

Prevents cats malting by extracting excess hair from both the top and undercoat easily and effortlessly.

Soft on the skin means your wont get grumpy and resist as you give them a nice comb.

Removes tangles and knots easily!
No nasty clippers or expensive trips to the vet! Groom your cat easily from the comfort of your own home.

BPA friendly and kitty safe so that if your cat wants a sniff, a little nibble, it's ok, and all part of the experience!

Creates a shiny coat by aerating hair follicles as the comb glides across the surface.

PS. They're also super cute and easy to use!

How does Our Massage Comb Compare?

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Check out our FAQ or email our support team at!

Shipping Information:

UK Standard: 1-4 days
EU Standard: 5-14 days
Rest of the world: 6-16 days
Free Shipping For UK Customers

Customers *Due to the high demand, please have patience as we ship it out as fast as possible.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Julie Yilmaz

Really pleased with my purchase. The car safety belt fits easily round the headrest and I'm sure my dog finds it more comfortable. Great buy and would definitely recommend.

Excellent service

Received my dog seat belts very quickly and they are the best purchase ever. Customer service excellent.

Sarah Iggulden
Adjustable Car Safety Belt

Ian very pleased with this and glad that my dog is now safe in the car

Caroline Howes
Car safety belt

Brilliant she used to get tangled on the ones that clip on seat belt

Jan Huxley
Dog seat belt

These are very good and easy to use. I would recommend as safety is essential in a car.

Christine Ireson
Excellent service

Thank you so much for the way my order was dealt with.
Regular contact as to how far along the line my package was.
Product was as described.
Would definitely use this site again.

Safety Belt

My order arrived the day after ordering, great communication from playpaw.
Your advert showing what happens when dog is not restrained hit home, so Thankyou playpaw, the safety belt is great just attach to the harness not a collar , happy mummy and fur baby now 🐩🐾xx

Anna Wielguszewska
Another purchase

That was my second purchase of car safety belt from PlayPaw. I think they are great. Can reccommend to anyone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Happy pussycat

My long haired cat suffers with due balls there is a noticable using this product

Highly recommend

Deana Bansal
Playpaw massage hair removal comb

Really good cats dont seem to mind it , so ll good 👍

Delia Giffard
Hair removal massage comb.

Am so happy with this comb. My Himalayan cat Didnt like being combed with usual brushes and combs . However with this one she actually purrs....loves it. Also keeping her matt free which huge bonus. Would highly recommend to all.

Wayne Blandford
Amazing cat comb

I received the pet massaging comb on friday,I have to say already I have amazing results my eldest cat fi-fi is 16 and as she is getting older she cant groom as well in some areas and she has been getting a few tangles of fur , the comb has worked wonders she no longer gets agitated when I comb her it relaxes her a really helps to loosen the tangles for her ,happy cat happy mommy ,also my other two are loving it to its amazing,would strongly recommend

Megan Adams
Pet Hair Removal Comb Gets Paws Up

I’m a long haired boy, who does not like being combed until my humom got a PlayPaws Pet Hair Removal Comb and now I purrrrr with pure pleasure. Although big, I’m a sensitive boy (keep that to yourself, don’t want to destroy the image) and this is so kind to my skin and fur. Yours Teddy

Denise Abbott
Pet Hair Removal Comb is Purrfect

My little old kitty hates being groomed. He's 25 this year, is partially sighted, deaf, creaky and scruffy. He has been getting a lot of coughs and I believe it's because he is trying to groom too much. He won't let me near him to help - I've tried brushes and gloves - he just slashes at me or growls or tries to bite. It's stressful for us both. I thought I'd give this comb a go - nothing to loose (except maybe a finger!) I let him sniff it first, then tentatively started to groom. Oh my word! He loves it - raising his back, turning to me when I stop and purring like an engine! The comb is grooming him beautifully :D Why did I not know about this years ago!

Hazel Diligent
Ok! I’ll stand still for this one prrrr!

She is an old, autocratic long haired beauty. Does what SHE WANTS. But, She liked this! So.....she stands and let’s me comb her! What more can I ask.

Keith Phillips
Rocky's present

From the first time with my comb it really makes my fur really soft

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