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Based on 1460 reviews
Very simple yet so effective

I've had the scratch protectors fitted about a month, to the ends of our new sofa and the corner of a wall which is anaglypta'd. In both cases the scratch protector sheets cling to the surfaces easily with no mess or sticky residue and also not visually intrusive. From the point of fitting, the cats have either ignored their favourite scratch zones or, if they " forget themselves " and stretch up to do their worst, as soon as they touch the shiny surface of the protector sheets, they immediately stop. Remarkable, truly remarkable. Would give 10 stars. The poor, bespoke, purpose made cat scratching post is getting a hammering though. Many thanks PlayPaw

Brilliant product

We needed a replacement for our old fountain as it was worn out.
This is abosolutley brilliant and I love the blue/red light to warn you when it needs topping up. Very easy to clean and the cats love it. I love the water filter. We live in a hard water area so it's ideal.
I will be placing an order for the sensor add on. Heres my Dave and his brother Edmond with their new fountain.

Looks great

Hi, haven’t tried this yet as Harley is only 9 weeks and not been in the car much also kind of wiggly but all looks great, he loves the floppy fish!!!!

Safety belt thats so easy to use!

Love this safety belt . Its simply so easy to use. We just leave it in the middle car seat and just attach to harness. Our yorkie is able to move about in his seat quite freely whilst keeping him safe.

My wee Bear loves his new harness

Yea great value for money

My fur baby loves this

My little kitty as boisterous as she is always hides under my bed to sleep or under a throw, it took a few tries to get her to use this but she now loves it so much, I have successfully got her to sleep in it at night albeit for a few hours before she goes under the bed but slowly making progress, she loves pouncing it and circling it for threats which is super adorable and as you can see she is sooo k.o she dangles off it 😂

PlayPaw Adventure Pouch™
Katie McGuinness
Brilliant Backpack

Poppy is nearly 15, and we knew her ageing limbs wouldn’t be up to days out during our holiday in Northumberland. We thought the Playpaws Adventure Pouch worth a try…
Well, Poppy loved it, as did we. It was so easy to pop her in and out, and she soon settled and seemed to enjoy the ride. My husband found the bag comfortable to carry, too.
Very good value for money and a real winner. I should also say that we were stopped by so many people who thought it was brilliant.

I love it love it love I love it

I love it no more to say

Play Paw Adjustable car safety belt.

Bought this product as have an extremely lively Lab puppy who has not travelled very much in my car. It worked a treat and I knew she was safe. Would definitely recommend it.

Floppy Fish

My puppy loves this fish toy, thank you!

So cosy!

Thibaut loves his new bed, he feels so safe and cosy. He has a really good sleep in it.

cat bed

our cat alfy loves his new bed hopped in it on second day . excellent thankyou.


Really pleased with my purchase. The car safety belt fits easily round the headrest and I'm sure my dog finds it more comfortable. Great buy and would definitely recommend.

Happy pussycat

My long haired cat suffers with due balls there is a noticable using this product

Highly recommend

Brilliant buy

Brought a bed for our female cat as she likes hiding under the throws. After a few days in sleeping on top of it she finally gets inside and snuggles down. She loves it.
Fantastic idea, great price, good quality and arrived quickly.
Definitely would recommend this for cats and small dogs who likes warmth .

Puppy carry bag

Great product, so handy to be hands free when walking my older dog.

Car safety belt, great purchase!

I bought the dog lead for the car as I want my 10 week old puppy to be safe when travelling in the car. I also want her to get used to sitting still and being calm whilst travelling from an early age as I want it to be stress free for both her and us. It's easy to use and the first trip was a success. I've also been using the lead to train her to walk on leash in the garden as she doesn't seem to want to chew it as much as the conventional lead!

Puppy rucksack

Lulu loves her new rucksack, it's great for those longer walks and to get her used to the great outdoors. Would highly recommend.


Fingers crossed Ozzy hasn’t vomited food since using the feeders.
He is an elderly cat that I adopted.
Great product would definitely recommend.
Having carpets professionally cleaned tomoz on the strength of him being ok now.
He’s certainly a fit cat now .

Cozy Cat Bed

He loves it! I have really struggled to find a cat bed that he likes, but this cat cave he jumped into immediately this morning, so far seems to love it. Very happy with the quality of this item as well. I had some concerns with the delivery of this item in terms of timescale, however customer service were polite and helpful and kept me informed once I requested an update. It took approximately 11-12days to arrive.

Water fountain

Luna is overjoyed with her new water fountain…. Keeps her amused for hours as she loves playing with the taps at the kitchen sink…… and is also a good source of fresh water… I’m very satisfied

Great products

My kitten loves it

Fit perfect, doesn’t restrict any movement. Height quality. Our walks are full of joy . Safe and secure.
Customer service is very helpful and professional


Thank you thank you as I've been looking for something like this for ages. One of my Bengal's will only drink out of the sink tap, but now she uses the fountain yippee. So easy to use and clean and well made.

Handsome harnesses

Your custom harness is awesome. Our boys love them, especially how easy they are to put on. And the reflective names are awesome too. Thank you! (Not in their harnesses but photo because they’re cute!)


I got the extras so I didn't have to wash and use all the time. There's always clean ones good to go. Brodie has used since tiny kitten hood. He looks comfy when eating

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