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Reimbursement Program

Here at PlayPaw, we value your feedback as it allows us to improve our services & quality moving forward. Now that you’ve had some time to enjoy our amazing products, we’d love to hear what you think about your purchase! 

To encourage you to share your experience, we’re offering exclusive store credits for our customers who leave a review!
Here’s what you can do:


We have two tiers of review rewards:


£4 store credit - Snap a photo of your favourite product in use with your pet.
(Tell us a little about your pet if you want to feature on our social media pages)


£10 store credit - Upload a video and show the product in use with your pet, mention the brand(us) or show the packaging, and how the product has been of a benefit to you and/or your pet.

In addition to the credit, each month we'll pick our favourite video and send them a £50 gift voucher.

Your review really helps us and potential customers who are on the edge on purchasing PlayPaw products themselves.

Thank you in advance!

If you have any questions regarding our programs please email us at for more information.