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Protect Your Pet(s) with our Strongest and most Versatile Belt yet!

 Why you should upgrade: 

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Metallic Lockable Clip

Our plastic buckles are upgraded to Zinc Alloy Buckles which provide a host of improvements:

1) Strong metals to withstand heavier loads and tension during inadvertent braking

2) Anti-rust and anti-crack properties which means they will last longer

2) Dual pin locking mechanism and faster release in the event of an evacuation.

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Triangular Load Spreader

Aside from looking nicer, our triangular load spreader serves two added functions:

1) Evenly spreads weight from anchor points throughout the belt which increases the strength

2) Less susceptible to stress fractures which means it will hold during even the harshest braking

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Metallic Adjusters

Plastic adjusters have been replaced with Iron Adjusters which increase the overall strength of the belt:

1) They will not crack or frey

2) Anti-chew for those little rascals

3) Smoother and easier to adjust

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Rock Climbing Caribiners

Our metallic hook has been replaced with Premium Stainless Steel Caribiner Clips:

1) Withstands greater loads during inadvertent braking

2) Locking mechanism means they will never disconnect despite any movement

3) Longer lasting open-close cycles which means these clips are designed to last a life time

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Dual Hooking Points

After much deliberation we decided that the new belt needed two caribiners for a variety of reasons:

1) Greater support for larger dogs or dogs that wish to be seated due to the new minimum length

2) Anti-tangle and anti-chew support by allowing new flexible minimum and maximum lengths

3) Additional length added for dogs who wish to travel in the boot or in the footwell comfortably

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Alternative Anchor Point

In addition to above benefits provided by having two caribiners, there is also the added safety of increasing the overall strength of the belt.

Provided your dog is not a chewer, you can use the longest clip to lock into the seatbelt loop giving an additional strength rating of 20kg to the belt (fantastic for large dogs).

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Other belts simply don't compare:

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