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About Us

We're a company of pet lovers always looking for ways to make our pet's lives easier and happier.

We put our pets first!

Established in 2011 and headquartered in the heart of London, PlayPaw is committed to make caring for your pets easy - from the instant you land on our website, right up until we fetch and deliver your order, right to your door!

We believe that our pets deserve the very best. It's about more than giving them their favourites: it's also about supporting their overall growth, health and wellbeing. Here, nourishment comes full circle.

How it all began ...

Like many good stories, PlayPaw's began with a man, and his dog. One day Adam noticed that his dad had stopped buying their family's very handsome golden retriever - George - his favourite thing: big, 15 kilogram bags of delicious food, after injuring his back! After a bit of thought, Adam realised that his dad wasn't the only person out there who found the process of driving to the pet store, picking up a huge bag of dog food, and hauling it home to be difficult and time-consuming.

So, he thought of a way to tackle the problem. And so, PlayPaw was born - with the aim of helping people care for their pets by making purchasing pet products as simple as possible. More than six years later, over 250,000 pet owners have placed their trust with orders every month with their pet product shopping...and we couldn't be more grateful. From our furry families to yours: thank you for choosing PlayPaw!