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PlayPaw LED Water Fountain™ (Filter Included)

PlayPaw LED Water Fountain™ (Filter Included)

£56.95 £89.95
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£56.95 £89.95
local_offer Save £33.00
Unit price  per 

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PlayPaw LED Water Fountain™ (Filter Included)

Promote Better Kitty Health and Elminate Vomiting in as little as 14 Days! 

As Seen In:

are you getting frustrated with your dog getting tangled and unclipping their belt?

are you tired of your dog chewing their safety harness?

is your dog frightened of the car journey due to restrictive equipment?

23,000+ Happy Customers

We are dedicated to creating great products that improve the health and comfort of your cats.

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Hassle-free refunds within 30 days of purchase. Just ship it back to our UK warehouse.

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Recommended by Cat Experts

Yep. Veterinarians love recommending our fountains! 

Cats love drinking from our fountain
It's better for their health too!

Do away with restrictive belts and get something to last a lifetime!

Your kitties nose is dry, but they refuse to drink from a bowl and insist you turn on the tap!

Without adequate fluids your kittie's health is concerning;
Poor water intake can lead to organ dysfunction, poor temperature regulation, cardiac arrhythmias and neurologic dysfunction.

Cats are prone to a low thirst drive as their instinct is to derive adequate water from eating live prey. They're also picky when it comes to water condition

The PlayPaw LED Fountain provides the water your cat craves, clean and flowing which encourages your kittie to drink more giving them a happier and healthier life!

A "must-have" for healthier cats and tap drinkers! 

 6 reasons why veterinarians
love our fountains!

Reduces long term health problems by providing clean, fresh and filtered water regularly!

Works quietly for nervous kitties. No need to worry about kitty being scared of the fountain.

Three different modes for kitty to love - find what kitty loves best with "waterfall, bubbling or gentle fountain".

Easy to clean as every component lifts straight out and can be washed with soap or in the dishwasher.

Low power consumption means with continuous use will save you money on your power bill.

See your water level easily via the LED light which also turns the fountain into a beautiful mood piece.

PS. They're also super cute and easy to use!

How do our LED fountains Compare?

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Rest of the world: 6 - 16 days
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Customers *Due to the high demand, please have patience as we ship it out as fast as possible.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Julie Yilmaz

Really pleased with my purchase. The car safety belt fits easily round the headrest and I'm sure my dog finds it more comfortable. Great buy and would definitely recommend.

Linzi Chatfield

PlayPaw Adjustable Car Safety Belt™ v2.0

Collar safety belt

A very good safety belt, it took me sometime how to figure out to unclipped, but good now

Yvonne Winborn
Playpaw Seatbelt

Perfect! Long enough for our lab to move around too so he doesn’t feel stuck in one position when travelling.

Kaye Walton
Great service and harness

Thank you for your prompt service and delivery of the harness which is perfect.


I’ve had other restraints for my dog’s but this is amazing…..absolutely amazing would highly recommend

Jane Hardwidge
Hope to use this once the heatwave is over.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to use these, as the heat has been too much for my two dogs.

Lorraine Barraclough
Dog safety

Other than a faulty clasp it seems a good product and works well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Laura Graham
Ernie & Emmie’s new toy

Ernie & Emmie are my little Yorkipoo’s & they both love their new water fountain. Ernie drinks straight from the fountain bit, but Emmie prefers to drink from the bowl but & soaks herself, which is hilarious to watch 🐾🐶❤️🐾🐶😂


Must have for cats who prefer moving water. My 21 year old cat was at death's door a few weeks ago. By that I mean the vet was going to put him down when I just couldn't go through with it. We brought him home with the expectation of his passing at any time. Boy did he make a turn around. His past habit of drinking water was to hop into the bathtub and drink straight from the faucet. Water in a bowl was never his choice, he wanted to see the water move. My daughter suggested a fountain, something I did not know existed. I bought this fountain and it is wonderful. Easy to assemble and clean. It is noiseless until the water level drops too low. Then one can hear the sounds of water dripping back into the container. For me it's the hint to fill it back up. There is a clear window that lets you see the water level. Inside is a light and the fountain illuminates. This is nice at night, kind of a nightlight. It runs all day, and unless you unplug it, there is no way to turn it off. Not a big deal. Once I had it installed, my cat drank for several minutes and has never looked back. I think that having the moving water available at any time has given him strength back and he eats less too.


It's a hit! My adventurous kitty took to the pet fountain right away. I like to flower with water coming out of it but it seemed a bit awkward for the cats to drink that way. Now I just let them drink from the stainless steel tip with water bubbling out from the middle.


I have 3 cats that enjoy drinking out of the top part that flows from the flower petal at the top. I have another fountain made by the same company that's an older model but realized the other day that it doesn�t turn off when dry like this one does. I was gone and the other one could have burned out the motor. This one turns off when the water level is too low. It came with a filter and I bought some extra ones as well that should last a few months. Haven�t had it long enough to test for durability. I would definitely purchase again.


This is a fabulous fountain. I love the stainless steel tray. Our old plastic unit would get nasty and was hard to take apart to clean. As much as I liked the first one of these, this one has made improvements that make it the best we have ever purchased.


We have a 10 week old kitten and a YoChon and we babysit a Teacup Yorkie and another YoChon. With all these animals, the water dish can become disgusting. They share the same water bowl. They would get food in the water often and I always had to clean and disinfect it because it just looked nasty. My husband mentioned an automatic water fountain and I agreed that it would be extremely beneficial not only for them to have fresh clean water, but to help make my life easier.


It�s a hit! My cat likes to drink water from the drip water system and didn�t always drink enough. Purchased this fountain and she took to it instantly. It�s seems well made and simply constructed.


Our cat is not big on change. Like does not like it and it is normally really hard to get her to use something new. It took a couple of days having this run before she would try it. The first day she would make a big circle like it was going to jump out an get her. But after that she loves it. We have two places where she can get water and an if possible she always goes to this one now.



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