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Why it's Important to Keep your Dog Well Groomed

Why it's Important to Keep your Dog Well Groomed

Happy Dog, Happy Life

Grooming your dog is a very important task that plays a larger role in their quality of life. He or she is a fun-loving pup, and you want to ensure you provide the proper care to keep it that way. Whether you take them outside frequently, go for a quick dive in the puppy pool, or you just want to manage the hair lying all around the house. A failure to keep your dogs coat well taken care of could quickly result in health and cleanliness issues for your dog and your home. Before we panic, let's stay paw-sitive and check out why grooming your dog is so important and what you can do about it!

I Groom, You Groom, We all Groom

Whether you are working with a long-haired pooch or a short-haired one, all dogs need grooming attention to some extent. Just like people need to brush and cleanse their hair, dogs need help keeping tidy around the house. While other factors like age, breed, and health can also play a role in deciding the best approach to taking care of your pup's fur coat. Regardless, every dog benefits relatively the same when its coat is regularly groomed.

Of course, we know that dogs have natural instincts toward grooming themselves, as most animals do. However, bringing a dog into your home means they are now domesticated. They are not running free in the wild with the wind in their hair. So while they may be very active and energetic, they will not be fully equipped with some natural survival instincts, including proper grooming.

So if their coat is not groomed consistently by a caregiver or professional, you will notice more hair lying around the house. This can trigger allergies in people who tend to struggle with dog fur. Use a brush like the PlayPaw Pet Grooming Tool to make sure you are properly managing your dogs fur.

If you're getting a bit furrr-ious with all that excess hair around your home, check out the PlayPaw Pet Hair Eliminator that can help make cleaning up pet fur a breeze.

Here's to a Healthy Canine

The longer a dog's coat is left unmanaged can lead to more sanitary issues. Shedding fur can progressively carry excess dust, dirt, or even bugs into your home. This can happen due to matted fur clumps that hold in germs and bacteria. On top of the cleanliness of your living environment, dogs can suffer directly as a result of poor grooming. Their skin can develop rashes or sores because their fur is caught and pulled constantly. Sometimes this can even cause infection and larger health issues for canines. Grooming helps remove build-up in their fur that might cause these issues. It helps to keep their fur cleansed and detangled.

Grooming your dog can be a great bonding experience when you take the right approach. Take this as an opportunity to emBARK on a new journey with your fluffy best friend! The time and effort you spend caring for your dog will strengthen your relationship and ensure their health at the same time.

While grooming them, you can also take the opportunity to check their fur and ensure everything is as it should be. If you want to take a step further, it's always a good idea to check out their eyes, teeth, ears, paws, and claws during grooming time, like a puppy physical. This way, you can always feel confident in their health. Any arising issues will be caught swiftly and addressed accordingly with your veterinary provider. You'll be giving your little guy or girl and whole new Leash on Life!