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The Importance of Finding the Right Dog Restraint for Your Car

The Importance of Finding the Right Dog Restraint for Your Car

Is there anything more “paw-some” than road tripping with your dog? 

From short trips to the doggy park to longer adventures cruising down the highway with the radio on, at some point, we all need to travel with a dog in the car. 

But when it comes to safety, how much do puppy parents really know about dog car restraints? Is there any way to prevent pooches from chewing on dog seatbelts, anxiously pulling at the straps, or accidently unclipping themselves? 

Not to worry, four-legged friends! 

PlayPaw is here with everything you need to know about selecting the best dog car restraint. 

Let’s cover the basics of dog seatbelts 101 before you hit the road. That way, you’ll enjoy a safe and fun trip with your furry best friend. 

Benefits of a Good Dog Car Restraint 

Sadly, millions of people get into car accidents every year – often with their pets. Without a proper dog seatbelt, what started as a tail wagging adventure can quickly end in injury or heartbreak. While crates are often a go-to choice, these actually are not welcoming for dogs.


Imagine slamming on the brakes. Gravity forces Fido’s head and body to hit the sides of the crate, potentially resulting in serious damage. 

As Scooby Doo would say, “Ruh-Roh!”

Maximum Comfort, Minimum Anxiety 

Instead, we want to shop for a high-quality dog car restraint. A dog safety belt accomplishes a couple of things. First, it allows for happier travel and less anxious dog. When a restraint is too restrictive, it can leave canines feeing trapped…and eager to escape. On the other hand (or should we say, paw?) a good dog safety belt will create freedom of movement. Pups can look out the window at the world speeding by, or just sit/lie down comfortably. 

This mean a less nervous and better-behaved dog while you – the personal doggy chauffer – drive them around. 

Prevents Chewing and Tangling 

Next up, a high-quality dog restraint will be designed to prevent chewing and tangling. During road trips, dogs naturally get excitable. Where are we going? How long is the trip? Can I join my fur parents up on the front seat? Of course, your dog has lots of questions!

But in their excitement, pooches often turn to chewing to release energy. And in a vehicle, the obvious choice is their harness. Luckily, PlayPaw adjustable dog seatbelts are built to prevent little teeth from gnawing through material. Restraints can be positioned up and behind a dog, thus remaining out of the way. 

Likewise, the best belts are tangle-free. 

Did you know? Suddenly hitting the breaks can snap a dog’s leg (if they are all tangled up in a seatbelt when the car stops). That’s why PlayPaw belts are designed differently. A 360-degree swivel degree stops tangling and the back attachment keeps harness pieces away from feet. 

Safety is #1

Hopefully, you will never know the panic of emergency braking.

However, when it comes to traveling with dogs, it’s best to be prepared with the right products. Afterall, you never know when a wild animal or dangerous weather will force you to swerve or brake unexpectedly. 

Unfortunately, most dog seatbelts don’t have any bungee in them. This is hugely problematic, for a bunch of reasons. For instance, zero elasticity results in dogs experiencing severe whiplash during braking – ouch! 

Additionally, a good dog car restraint will have secure locks. PlayPaw uses lockable zinc alloy buckles to prevent disconnection/ejection. 

Keep your beloved pup safe with a super strong and super safe dog car restraint. 

Ready to Hit the Road? 

There you have it, pooch parents! 

A guide to everything you need to know about finding the right dog restraint for your car. To learn more, visit the PlayPaw website. Discover why the Play Paw Adjustable Car Safety Belt is a “two paws up” choice for dogs everywhere. 

Happy travels!