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Tips For Grooming Your Cat at Home

Tips For Grooming Your Cat at Home

The Importance of a Well-Groomed Cat

When it comes to grooming, it's pretty well known that cats can be a tough act to handle. You may have been left in the dust a few times muttering to yourself, "You've GOT to kitten me," as your feline friend darts across the room to find solace in their hidey-hole. While it may be difficult to keep your cat still, there are ways to help them calm down and train your cat to appreciate grooming a bit more.

Unlike dogs, cats can spend most of their day grooming and cleaning themselves. They are quite good at keeping themselves relatively tidy most of the time. In fact, I hate to admit it, but I'm sure they've blessed your home with a nice chunky hairball once or twice. While this may not be your favourite kitty quality, it signifies a very healthy and well-nourished cat. Even when this is the case, it is still a good idea to take the reigns and invest some time into helping with kitty grooming, especially with medium and long hair cat breeds.

#1 If You Can, Start Young

It is understandable that if you've adopted or rescued your cat, this option may not apply to you. However, if you've had the opportunity of getting your cat at a young age, this is the best time to start. Their fur is still coming in, and they won't really start shedding until they reach 6 months old. Some breeds don't shed for up to a year. So this is the prime kitty time to introduce any grooming tools you plan to have around throughout their lives. They will be much more receptive to new things at a young age. As they grow older, they become more set in their ways. This makes it difficult to train and teach them new habits.

#2 Groom Their Fur and Clip Their Nails Regularly

Consistency is key when it comes to the process of teaching your cat how to behave during grooming time. While some cats never have an issue with staying calm, others might struggle through the process. You have to remember that this is a foreign concept to them. They aren't equipped with an innate understanding of brushes, combs, and nail clippers. Even when you aren't grooming them, keeping these items in their environment builds a sense of familiarity and trust over time. This is how you will whisker your way into smooth grooming sessions with your best furrr-end.

#3 Do It While They're Already Calm and Relaxed

This is where the gold is at. You must catch your feline while they are already in a good mood. It may not be best to sit them down for a grooming session while they're already worked up or on edge. You want to help your cat associate grooming time with positive experiences. So if you're really looking for some leverage, wait until your kitty is already in a fan-cats-tic mood. Then when you feel it is appropriate, go ahead and work some magic on their fur coats.


This one needs little to no explanation. Cats love a delicious snack. But like #3, you want to make grooming seem desirable. What better way to keep your cats attention than a delicious snack before, during, and hey, even after a grooming session.

Purrrrr-oduct Suggestions!

Keeping your cat's fur well-maintained through healthy grooming is important. It ensures healthy skin and fur and helps to prevent bugs and pests from slipping into the house. If you are on the lookout for some products to help with grooming, here are a few suggestions:

These PlayPaw grooming products are designed to help the process of learning to groom easier for both you and your feline. They are gentle and purrrfect for short-haired and long-haired cats packing a few extra layers of fur.